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This Time You Bank On Me
- Mok-aiM

Mok-aiM offers enterprise mutual fund business management solutions. It provides smart and swift mutual fund distribution solutions that advances the whole business process and empowers you to deal with real challenges and embrace the opportunities.

Since mega financial institutions can spend any amount, they manage to deal with the challenges being faced by the sector. We endeavour to make the solutions accessible to everyone. We promise to provide you the best solution in its class.

Mok-aiM endeavours to ease you from

  • Huge cost burden
  • High maintenance cost
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Complexity of business processes
  • Security challenges
  • Regularity & compliance issues
  • KYC clumsiness
  • Geographical limitations of branches


  • Reduced cost of running business
  • 100% Mobile based 24x7 access
  • Wider reach of branchless operations in real time
  • Reduces turnaround time (TAT) and costs
  • Reduced daily updation resource and time requirement
  • Integrated solution saves efforts required for the reconciliation
  • Net banking session protection
  • Improved operational efficiency due to unified solution
  • Give access to third party franchisee
  • Customised investment management modules
  • Seamless process to enhance human resource productivity
  • Improve customer access
  • Unmatched ease of running business
  • Omni-channel presence
  • Value-added services
  • Increase profitability


No Better can be best unless its Secured!

  • Mok-aiM is developed on SSL protocol and 128-bit encryption technology
  • Customer login is also verified at 2 levels by user-id-password with some other combinations
  • Key transactions - 2 factor authentication (2FA)

We are NACH Integrated

NACH-Mandate Management System helps SIP mandate handling and improves efficiency.

Key Features

Mok-aiM takes care of each and every aspect of mutual fund distribution business, it offers services for :

Your different levels of hierarchy

  • Dynamic and flexible additions / modification
  • Business reports
  • Client OnBoarding
  • Know Your Customer
  • Bank mandate

Your Client

  • Transactional platform
  • Portfolio reports
  • Tax reports


  • MIS reports
  • Client management
  • Business management

There is no business today that faces as many operational changes and challenges as mutual fund business does, more so when size is a constraint. We cater to address such challenges for entities be it a cooperative bank, a mid-sized bank or a mid-sized financial institution. The economics, product offerings and service channels are frequently evolving, as is the regulatory framework. The revenue stream is hugely pressurised, at the same time cost of running the business is growing. To make it even more difficult cyber fraud and other financial crimes are taking a toll on the security aspect of business. All these challenges diverts us from the core operations we are supposed to focus on.

Mok-aiM, Mutual Fund Distribution Platform

Mok is a Macedonian word, meaning, “skill”. Mok-aiM’s skilfulness, assist you preserve and grow your client’s wealth.

Technology has proved to be a boon for the financial sector, rightly making it the industry, the one which never sleeps. Remember, sun never sets and it is always a morning in some corner of the world, time is always right to make business grow. Here comes technology which can help you keep yourself ON always. It lets you serve your customer anytime and anywhere.

Mok-aiM equips you, serve your customers 24x7 by providing them a mutual fund platform to help them meet their basic investment requirements through Website/Mobile applications. Through Mok-aiM, you can enable your customers, as per their convenience, to take care of all their mutual fund related requirements in just a few clicks, truly empowering them!

Mok-aiM distribution platform is a user-friendly platform that matches your customer expectation while allowing for easy deployment of upcoming advancements in technology. It is an online account management solution that facilitates retail banking operations, cooperative banking operations and online portals. Through this solution banks can provide a unique online experience to their customers by providing an engaging and interactive online web service/mobile application.

Driving intelligent automation into every corner of your operation and giving business an unprecedented degree of control over process creation and improvement, Mok-aiM helps your retail banking division accomplish new levels of customer satisfaction, operational excellence and business agility.

Mok-aiM promise to sail you through the challenges!