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Team Reedos


Chief Executive Officer


At REEDOS he is helping, clients capitalize on changes in capital market space.

He has led the company’s growth by guiding product development and overall strategic course, in addition to managing REEDOS’s media practice.

Under his leadership REEDOS has become a breakthrough IT firm in a very short span of time.

As CEO, he leverages his integrated vision to define how a modern IT company functions and to drive innovation at scale on behalf of its stakeholders. He has spearheaded REEDOS industry-leading expertise artificial intelligence, including the data processing engine that reverse-engineers algorithms to discover missing components.

Rahul is named as Digital Entrepreneurs of India by Business World.

Prior to joining REEDOS, Rahul had over a two-decade experience. It includes his stint of nine years at Capital Market as a Product Manager. There he managed and successfully relaunched the flagship product, Capitaline.

Later he started with Accord Fintech as a founder director and lead it for eleven years. Under his leadership, it became a prominent name in the Industry.

Rahul received an M.B.A. in Finance and a B. Com with Honors.


Chief Marketing Officer

At REEDOS he wears the hat of a Chief Marketing Officer.

Karthik has helped create a connected universe of marketing and products for Indian Capital Markets. He possesses immense knowledge and understanding in this space. He developed precision targeted marketing techniques backed by accurate, timely internal reporting and analysis.

His career spans out to three decades. In his first spell he worked with Capital Market for almost 15 years and then to Accord Fintech.

He is widely recognized for being instrumental in the acquisition and revenue target set up and marketing network especially financial product marketing.


Chief Business Officer

He is Chief Business Officer at REEDOS

He enjoys drawing great inputs by communicating to his clients who are industry stalwarts.

With a knack for connecting dots and uncovering trends, Bhasi finds exceptional ideas for product development and then to reach clients in new ways that inspire and motivate them to act. He has more than 30 years of client-side experience translating business strategy into integrated, multi-channel marketing communications campaigns for some of the India’s best product in his field.

He joined us from Accord Fintech, where he was responsible for developing and leading breakthrough campaigns for its various products and services.

Prior to that he worked for Capital Market in similar position for more than a decade.


Chief Content Officer

He has an impressive track record for ground-breaking thinking that creates sustained belief in products.

After a 10-year career in IT hub Mumbai, he spearheaded the creation of REEDOS as a company redefining the role of technology.

Under Anurag’s leadership, REEDOS has become an inventive, forward-thinking IT firm that has earned many accolades from clients for originality and innovation. He is overseeing all offices that are creating content and building robust IT infrastructure for its seamless integration.

His energy and drive extend beyond the world of IT. He is a diehard Sachin fan and a mechanical engineer.


Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer at REEDOS, he is a key member of the REEDOS executive leadership team. He oversees the Strategy and Insights team, responsible for developing products and capitalize on changes in evolving regulatory framework. He and his team use the power of creativeness to solve business challenges and act as a strategic business partner for our clients.

He is known for his impressive track record of success, commitment to ethics, and tactical review approach.

Santosh is an M.B.A. in Finance and a B.Sc. with Honors.


Chief Talent Officer

As Chief Talent Officer at REEDOS, Khushbu oversees, professional development, human resources across offices. She’s a visionary and strategic CMA practitioner with extensive experience in human resource management and deep commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity.

She has a good understanding in human resource management as well as policy, recruiting, strategic planning, legal compliance and compensation.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and became a CMA at an early age of 25.


Chief Technology Officer

He is usually the Chief Technology Officer of REEDOS but can step into any shoe.

He accompanies and coordinates the internal areas within projects. He is also responsible for first-level support. He has a proven track record of creative success that includes several of industry accolades. He is so grounded and shy that very often we forget to notice that he is the brain behind.

Anoop grew up in the Kerala and currently resides in Mumbai.


Chief Software Architect

He is Chief Software Architect at REEDOS.

He works meticulously on tasks, and the more complex the assignment, the greater is the joy on his face. Neeraj works closely with our developers to maximize the value of services provided to clients.

He is a young and very cheerful person. He is the golden thread connecting people across departments and makes working FUN. Neeraj is credited with grooming more than 50 developers who cherish their association with him.


Development Lead

He is Development Lead at REEDOS

We fondly call him Neyaz Bhai, spends his time working cross-functionally with the developers, designers, architects and analysts to help shape and form a fantastic product.

He is a problem solver and an optimizer. He is always exploring for alternate routes to take.


Chief Business Analyst

He is Chief Business Analyst at REEDOS.

He is an engineer who likes breaking his head over data, simultaneously eating pizzas & coke.

In his previous spells, Deepak wore many hats, he taught finance in Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai, then he moved to CITI Bank working on mergers & acquisitions.

He thinks education is a great tool to empower people. When not analysing, he can be found spreading light in rural areas of Haryana by teaching children. REEDOS feels proud in associating with his project.

He received B. Tech from Mumbai University , MBA from Hofstra University US, MFM from Erasmus University, Holland and M.Sc. Actuarial Sci. from UCD, Dublin, Ireland.


Chief Administrative Officer

She is the Chief Administrative Officer at REEDOS.

She oversees all offices across India. She is very patient and claim. She listens very carefully before finalising her strategy. She ensures smooth and adequate flow of information within the company to facilitate other business operations.

She holds a bachelor of science degree and Post-graduation in Environmental Science.


Chief - Client Success

She is the one who ensures REEDOS role in client’s success.

She analyses and categorize clients to ensure the efficiency and consistency in the delivered services.

She identifies tasks that are critical to ensure optimal client experience and communicate with employees to raise awareness of their individual roles in delivering clients satisfaction and loyalty.

She holds a bachelor of science degree and an M.B.A.in Finance.

We wear many hats Depending on Situations.
Collectively, We have more than 500 years of experience and have touched all segments of Indian Capital Market.