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We Can Do

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking

Aim to engage leads and assist you convert them !

Anytime transaction for your customers !
Mobile office in your pocket !

Customer is Business !
Aim to help you in streghtening your customer relationship !

Independence is precious !
Aim to empower you design your office independently !

Mutual Fund Business Platform for IFA

Integrated Mutual Fund Business Platform for BANKS

Our Beliefs

We don’t just help run your business through our platforms; we help you prepare for the future.
At REEDOS, achieving this purpose requires people who believe that:

Learning is a never ending process.
There is always scope for improvement.
Don’t exploit because you got the opportunity, table turns!
Remain grounded, do right that works straight and simple, always be kind and most importantly be human.

Our Work Culture


Solutions are designed to be simple, understandable and implementable implying no extra burden and living up to our claim of 'Best fit for Purpose, Best fit for Use' for the client.


Solutions are scalable for business, keeping dexterity in structure & design to meet future demands of businesses. We believe business need not be tied to solutions but solutions must be such that they address business concerns on an on-going basis.


Keeping up with the cyber security challenges in the complex global scenarios, the solutions are designed to be extremely secure covering all its aspects and dimensions, depending upon the nature of the solution and scope of the project.


For any business the core objective to opt for any solution that it must serve the purpose and proves its worth, which we thrive to provide through our simple, practical, adaptable and dynamic solutions.


In the ever dynamic/changing IT world keeping pace with the ongoing developments and challenges we strive to deliver ergonomic solution, keeping one well equipped with the best possible robust & scalable solutions in the smartest way.

What We Do

One of the World's Fastest Growing Financial Market Needs REEDOS.

We Understand You

The idea is to develop software applications primarily to support the growing financial services business and manage the IT infrastructure. REEDOS has strong expertise and robust skills in diverse areas and technology domains. REEDOS has proficiency & very rich experience of hundreds of man years in product development, software testing, infrastructure management, R&D, project management & information security.

Our Technological intelligence

Technology can make a difference in the way businesses operate & compete. REEDOS Values Time, We Get You the Speed You need, with The Control You want. We are here to be your quality technology solutions partner empowering to run your business in a wider range of domains.

What we deliver

The results are going to be transformational. REEDOS’ platforms, in-built tools, and architectural methodology have unleashed innovation and reduced time-to-market, spending less on maintenance. As this business hugely rely on software to absorb a very large customer base, innovation and velocity becomes core to delivering value. At present we are offering you some most unique products this industry ever witnessed,

What We Offer

Some of Our Customers


We remain enthusiastic and committed to ensure that our solutions live up to our client’s expectations.
With the philosophy of trust, we aim to deliver the right value expected by the customer through our solutions.

We are Responsible

REEDOS is driven by the sense of responsibility, which treats the trust of the clients as supreme. The initiatives and operations of REEDOS are geared towards fulfilling this vision.

We believe in offering quality, tangible solutions that help meet the client's business objectives & expectations.

You Matter the Most

The single most important thing is to keep yousatisfied.We know that we grow only with you. Weexist only to serve you. To help your business grow and reach new heights.

You own us

REEDOS and its products are yours, we belong to you! We have no other purpose to exist. Don’t shy in taking up the responsibilities. Take initiative and ownership. Be responsible. Step up, own issues and resolve them. If we make a mistake, own it, fix it, learn from it and move on.


Breaking the stereotype

We realised the decadal lag of the industry, owing to its common practice of using antiquated technology and mostly referring competitor’s product and only trying to better upon them. Our customers use aiM-F along with MFissis; strategic services offering, to adopt next-generation development practices and deliver new applications by applying fresh ideas.

We want you fly

We believe that together is always better. We are not just a technology service provider, we are a platform where we let our customers take the charge, communicate their requirements and get it done. Aproduct can be a true solution only if it suitably fits into customer’s specific requirements.We,with you, for you, strive to develop the technology that is dynamic to accommodate your real-time, real-life requirements and that too on your own without any dependency on us.